All online casino offers bonuses to players in order to attract them to the casino and keep them as loyal players. There are many different types of online casino bonuses from Bonus, Reload Bonus, Refer a Friend and others.

All bonuses are offered to players by online casinos can be divided into two categories; Bono Bono adhered or not adhered.

You might wonder what is a bonus attached? Well, the answer is very simple, adhered bond is a bond that the player is given for use in the casino and can not be removed. It is a bonus that “sticks” to the casino and that is where it derives its name.

The attached bonds are sometimes known as ghost bonds as they disappear from the player’s account once the player makes a withdrawal request.

Instead a bonus attached is not a bonus that is available to remove once the player has completed the wagering requirements of the casino. Clearly a bond unbonded will be preferred by the players, but players should remember that these bonuses have very high bet requirements attached to them.

Sometimes it is advisable to prefer a bonus attached as the wagering requirements for retirement income will be significantly lower than non-attached attached to bonds and as such, it will be easier for the player to meet them.

In any case, it is always advised that players check the terms and conditions of the bond are about to sue. This will ensure that you do not have any nasty surprises when you want to withdraw your winnings.